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Party Hire

We have all you need to enjoy a fun gathering at your own home, check out our glass and keg hire. We can also cater so you don’t have to worry about what to serve your hungry guests.

Glass Drink Ware Hire

Bubbly Flute
 Beer Glass  Wine Glass  





Beer Jugs/Carafe 6 in a box    $20

Bubbly Flute        24 in Box      $24
Beer Glass          24 in Box      $24
Wine Glass          24 in Box     $24

Ordering a Keg

Simply choose your beer then pick up the phone and call 63623281 to place your order. If you are unsure of how many kegs you'll need, don't worry!
The friendly team will help you work it out in no time.
All keg orders include gas.

Note: All equipment hire is for a 24 hour period unless specified. If you need your keg equipment for longer just let us know and we will arrange it with you!
All Kegs 50 litres unless specified

Beer Keg Price: $350.00
NB: Kegs can no be used in function room as this is services from the main bar.


Nobody likes to wet their whistle with a warm one! Ensure you've got enough to keep your night cool. Let us know how much you need when you make your next order.     
Rate: $4

Cost of Breakage or not returned:

Glassware: $3.00 each
Beer jug/Carafe: $7.00 each

On return all items will be checked for breakage or damage, payment can then be made by cash or credit card.

Deloraine Hotel: Emu Bay Road, Deloraine, Tasmania 7304

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